Microsoft explained once again “insiders” situation with updating up to ultimate version Windows 10

After recent publication about changes in the program of preliminary testing Windows 10 the participants of the program had sensation that through Windows Insider any wanting will be able free of charge to receive a legal copy of ultimate version of operating system, and then to decline a further testing. Of course it is not so.
In fact to the participants of the program Windows Insider after release ultimate version of operating system will be accessible July 29 two actions variants:


– to remain in the ranks of “insiders”, to continue testing Windows 10, and to receive periodically new assembles (that is, to install obviously “crude” versions with all following consequences). As well as now, to decline updating will impossible, each assembling will be provided with a limited validity of the licence. Of course as before all assembles Insider Preview will be accessible free of charge, periodically the ISO-images will be published which can be used for restoration systems or pure installation;

– to decline a further testing and to remain on ultimate version of operating system. Then at licensing the same rules and conditions, as will be used at updating up to Windows 10 with Windows 7 and 8.1. That is, if up to Insider Preview you were updated from legal copies Windows 7 and 8.1, then you automatically will receive a free licence on Windows 10. If legal copy of these versions of the system you had no, then declining participation in the program, you will lose and activated licence. Then you have choice of small: either to be rolled away to the previous system version, or to acquire licence on Windows 10. If not to make neither that nor other, the validity of the licence will end sometime and you will remain without operating system at all.

In the common, if you do not want to use a piratic copy and opportunity to acquire a legal copy Windows 10 you have no, one variant – testing of preliminary versions of operating system remains. However unlikely it will arrange “pirates” and most likely they on habit will depart for images and activators to any torrent-tracker.

P.S. Not clear until scenario for those “insiders” remains, which were provided with a legal licence on Windows 7 either 8.1, but in some moment or from the very beginning Insider Preview was installed through pure installation, and which after July 29 it wants to decline participation in the program. It is quite probable that they still will have to establish at first Windows 7 or 8.1, and then to update their legal copy in the common order. We wait for of verification to this account from Geb Ol, task manager.