Windows 10 got a new option updates

Today in Internet new assembling Windows 10 under number 10134 emerged. Given assembling is not official release from Microsoft and represents the next leakage.
That from you, who is the participant of the program Windows Insider, it is necessary to know that you have two variants: slow circle of updating and quick updating circle (in detail we told about it here). To assembling 10134 Microsoft added option Stop Insider builds (“To stop receipt of new assemblies on program Insider”), as well as opportunity switch off of function which have not yet come into the common access.

It is no longer the first option enabling to assume that soon after Microsoft will show new functions within program Insider, presumably locating in beta-stage. And now designers need feedback, before to grant these functions by all, who uses at present to “ten”. That Windows 10 will leave in two months, it will allow Microsoft to continue testing of annexes , not granting new assembling “insiders”.

If you loaded this assembling, new set-up will emerge in the centre of updating Windows, in the section “Additional parameters”.

Microsoft declares that program Insider will be continued and after official exit Windows 10. It means that if you wish to accept participation in it, then in sight you will be able to receive still new functions up to common release.