Windows 10 has lost the Windows Media Center

Past week was overflown by the news connected with Windows 10. Almost all applications Microsoft related to promising development, with the exception of Windows Media Center. The admirers of this platform received a sad information.
windows media center
On past week conference for designers Microsoft Build 2015 to San Francisco was held. Microsoft confirmed on it that given project is closed as well those users who will update their system up to Windows 10, will not find out there multimedia centre.

Failure from media-centre for many became unexpectedness, though already in Windows 8 companies excluded him from the complete set of delivery of operating system and made accessible only in editing Professional. It is not very clear, why it is made right now, indeed in accordance with failure from cable television Windows Media Center became increasingly more useful those who for examination video connects computer to the TV.

Of course, attachment Xbox One as well successfully solves the problem failure from cable ТV. Now even there is opportunity to connect TV-tuner directly to the console. If to take into consideration that for normal use Media Center should be established computer in the drawing room, use Xbox One will cost cheaper, than installation Windows Media Center.