Clean reinstall the system will be available when you upgrade to Windows 10

As reply to the question of one of the users, the task manager Windows Insider informed: opportunity of pure reeinstallation of the system will be accessible not only to the owners of “distribution kits box” or OEM Windows 10, but also the fact that they were updated up to “tens” with Windows 7 and 8.1.


It is specified that it can be made both the means of the system, through function of restoration to initial state, and the way of traditional pure installation , using the ISO-image of setting disk. There are no any other details to this account meanwhile, possibly for loading of the image and creation of loading carrier, the same as in the case with Windows 8, it is necessary to use a special software. This question troubled many experienced users Windows, assuming that they when needed will have to install at first Windows 8.1, and then to update up to Windows 10.