How much does Windows 10 cost?

Tentative retail price Windows 10 will account for $119 for editing Home, $199 for Pro. Transition with Home on Pro will cost $99.
Yesterday Microsoft declared an accurate date of occurrence Windows 10 on the market, it is July 29, 2015. And became today accurately it is known, how many money will have to be given up to potential buyer of new operating system.
windows 10 price
It is worth to note that during the last months, the company informed repeatedly that owners Windows 7 and 8.1 will be able to proceed to new ОS is free during one year since her exit. And just now Microsoft informed guiding prices, on which it will be possible acquire Windows 10 all other. And prices are such:

Common version Home – $119 or 6 300 roubles;
Professional editing Pro – $199 or 10 500 roubles;
Transition with Home on Pro – $99 or 5 200 roubles.

No reduction of price, of which as well rumours went did not take place. On the contrary, price, as compared with Windows 8, grew.

If to believe figures, then until easier to purchase Windows 7 or 8.1 and free of charge to be updated up to Windows 10 after her exit (of process of updating we have already told in this material). But we believe that total tag will be counterbalanced with market price of the previous Microsoft operating systems.
In any case, we will monitor for development of events concerning to prices on Windows 10. Remain with us.