How to uninstall apps in Windows 10


As usual it happens, the users of a new version Windows have plenty of questions of where to find her main functions which happen they often “are hidden” not a bit in that place, where we of them were accustomed to see in the previous systems. Today I want to tell, how to uninstall apps in windows 10.

The most simple way to remove annexes in Windows 10 – it is to proceed to screen “Start-up” (The mode of the tablet) either menu “Start-up” – in common mode, to choose a necessary annex from list, to press it of the mouse long (on the tablet) tap or right key, and from appearing menu to choose “To remove” item.

Mean that not all system annexes can be removed, therefore be not surprised, if at some of them this item is not displayed.

Besides it there is one more way of removal of annexes which will be convenient those who during “cleaning” of his device would like to control volume of occupied place on the disk by one or another program and respectively – volume which will be liberated at her removal.

For it you should conduct by the finger from right screen edge and in opened notices panel to choose “All parameters” (in “desktop mode ” – call on the appropriate badge on the system tasks panel).

Proceed after that in “System” -> “Annex and components”, where you will see extended menu of removal of annexes.


Apparently on screenshot, here you total list of programs installed on your device with opportunity of their search, sorting on name and site, as well as (all disks) information of the date of their installation and place occupied by them in the memory or on the disk of your device will be achievable.


All that it is necessary to make then – to call it to choose annex and on button which appeared at the same time “To remove”.