How to use the attachment of the windows in Windows 10?


In Windows 10 specialists Microsoft tried to make work with a few annexes even more convenient, mainly at the expense of new opportunities on windows attachment. Designers will admit honestly that they did not started to invent bicycle, and decided to finish tools created still for Windows 7 and 8.

For example, opportunity to locate two windows, separating between them screen fifty-fifty, was as early as Windows 7. For the user it was enough to drag windows to necessary screen boundary: at first one, and then other. To simplify the procedure of search of the second window in Windows 10 allows Snap Assist panel automatically opened after the attachment of the first window and displaying the miniatures of remaining windows.


The window chosen in Snap Assist will be located automatically in free screen area. At intention on one screen it is possible to locate at once three or four windows, simply dragging them to necessary screen angles. It is possible to locate windows on the screen and through keyboard, using combination of keys WIN + → or WIN + ↑, for example.


To separate window, it is enough to drag him for header, sizes of the window will return at the same time automatically that they were used up to attachment. Moreover it is possible to cancel attachment simply deploying one of the windows to all screen.
Directly from Snap Assist it is possible and to close unused windows, taking advantage of the appropriate button at his miniature. Of course function of the windows attachment and Snap Assist they are accessible as well in tablet mode (Continuum), but some differences in this scenario uses are.


Together it is possible to attach no more than two windows, but their share on the screen can be easily changed by moving of dividing panel which removed from Windows 8. Under conditions of working table sizes of each of attached windows change separately manually. We will remind that in tablet mode all annexes are opened automatically to all screen.


Of course unlikely many of us will have necessity of simultaneous use on a small tablet screen at once of three or four annexes , but still we will hope that in the future the amount of annexes attached in tablet mode will grow at least up to three, as in Windows 8.1.


It is possible to set up some parameters of use of function of the attachment of windows in the panel Parameters → System → Multi-function. If such necessity arises, it is possible switch off attachment in general, only function of automatic selection of sizes of attached window or only Snap Assist.


The owners of multimonitor systems can as well take advantage of windows attachment, and in Windows 10 attachments possibly and to “virtual” boundary between screens, without use of keyboard combinations and only through mouse.