New build Windows 10 Insider Preview – 10525

To the participants of quick updates circle of the program Windows Insider is accessible new assembling Windows 10 Insider Preview – 10525, the first after release operating system.
Among announced changes of this assembling: improved mechanisms of work with main storage and new options for interface personification.


New mechanisms on control of memory allow to compress unused pages, when main storage begins not to suffice instead of to preserve them to disk that, themselves you understand, very slowly. In such a manner in physical memory it is stored more annexes, and output of the system is increased. Compressed pages are stored in the set of system services, and therefore in the tasks Dispatcher there will be appreciably a higher consumption of the memory system, than earlier.

Earlier of hidden opportunity of activation of colour windows headers, in assembling 10525, can be taken advantage of without modification of files of the topic or use of lateral programs. Colour now can be used not only to menu Start-up, on the tasks panel, in the Centre of notices, but also in headers. True this function meanwhile on early stage of development, designers inform about it honestly.

Among problems noticed by the designers Windows following are noted:

– Impossibility of use of mobile access point: connected devices will not be able to receive from your computer or IP-address tablet, and consequently will not be able to leave to global network (similar bug is declared and for Windows 10 Mobile 10512, to the word).
– Annex Cinema and ТВ cannot reproduce video, but for it updating already is ready. It is necessary just to establish him (again as in Windows 10 Mobile 10512).
– Until language packs are inaccessible optional, they will be manufactured later.

The first users of assembling 10525 note nonserviceability of 64-bit version Google Chrome. To return browser to the li, should be launched him with flag –no-sandbox, isolating isolation of his separate processes. Evidently problem is connected with launch of a new mechanism of compression of data in the memory, of which we have already mentioned in the announcement of this assembling. Most likely a new mechanism negatively affected serviceability of utility GPU-Z, some managers of the buffer of exchange and other annexes.

We will remind that it is possible to decline the installation of “problem” assembling, entering to Parameters →Updating and safety → the Centre of updating Windows → Additional parameters.