Windows 10 News

Windows 10 News: information on new builds and other can be read on site

How much does Windows 10 cost?

Tentative retail price Windows 10 will account for $119 for editing Home, $199 for Pro. Transition with Home on Pro will cost $99. Yesterday Microsoft declared an accurate date of occurrence Windows 10 on the market, it is July 29,…

What we lose in the transition to Windows 10

Windows 10 already looks out because of angle… Release is nominated on July 29. With change-over of operating system as well functionality will change, and therefore Microsoft with limiting clarity told that customers will lose at transition on Windows 10….

How to get Windows 10 free

Last week Microsoft company published the message which introduced some indefinity regarding how theparticipants of the program of testing Windows Insider can use in the long term a preliminary assembling ofthe system for receipt of free licence Windows 10. windows…

Windows 10 got a new option updates

Today in Internet new assembling Windows 10 under number 10134 emerged. Given assembling is not official release from Microsoft and represents the next leakage. That from you, who is the participant of the program Windows Insider, it is necessary to…