Microsoft gives up on the Sets feature

One of the main innovations of Windows 10 October 2018 should have been the Sets feature for grouping together tabs in applications. At first, Microsoft postponed its launch and then completely abandoned the idea of implementing it in the initially designed way.


The news that the Sets of tabs no longer exist came from one of Microsoft’s senior program managers in the Windows Console department. However, he added that bringing the idea of Sets to life is still on the developers’ priority list.

As usual, the company did not go into details. But it can be assumed that some other tools will be used for grouping tabs together in applications. Worth recalling, the original version of the Sets was built on the basis of the universal application Microsoft Edge, which the Redmond company gave up in favor of transitioning to Chromium.

At this rate, one should not expect the Sets to return in the near future. According to rumors, the 19H2 update will be a minor one, while 20H1 will focus on WCOS. Could it happen in 2021? Perhaps it will, provided that anyone is still interested in the idea of synchronizing sets of applications between devices.