Microsoft Edge – a new browser for Windows 10

Windows operating system 10 recently with striking regularity becomes the hero of news plots. And it is no wonder – given product from Microsoft quite can turn over representation of redmond company. Or even about operating systems at all.


10 will become one of the most interesting innovations in Windows failure from obsolete Internet Explorer browser (whose title causes now nothing more than indulgent smile) for the benefit of hardly more modern product. Now this most “modern product” carries title Project Spartan and achievable for all users of beta-version of this operating system. And one of these days Microsoft company at a conference BUILT 2015 declared a ultimate name of this browser.

microsoft edge on windows 10

Product will receive title Microsoft Edge and icon, secret hardly more than entirely resembling icon Internet Explorer.

Besides title, future browser from Microsoft will receive diversity of new functions. So, for example, the mode of remarks will allow to add textual messages, drawings and inscriptions directly to web-page in Edge interface. Of course, all these remarks will is stored on the user’s computer, instead of on the server, where purely place is granted under site.

In the browser as well the mode of reading is realised which changes the interface of web-pages like function Readability, familiar to the users Android. Due to it will read news, book and article in Edge really convenient.

As well Microsoft Edge is equipped by function of independent work which allows to look through cache on the web-page user’s computer without connection to Internet.

As well as any new software, Microsoft Edge offers improvements in the plan of stability, optimisation, output and speed of work. As well as Windows operating system itself 10, this browser will be optimised for work on various devices, from computers to smartphones and in total between.

More detailed information of given browser will emerge in the near future. Until any wanting can take advantage of him – it is enough to establish Windows operating system 10, which is now under conditions of open beta-testing, and to find there annex Project Spartan.