In some editions of Windows won’t be Microsoft Edge.

We already know that Microsoft Edge will be the main browser practically for all versions Windows 10, replacing by itself Internet Explorer, which in turn will come with system only with a view of compatibility. However some edits “tens” nevertheless will not receive new browser at all.


That it interesting, it is a question not of special versions of operating system for built-in devices or Internet of things which are deficient of graphic interface in general, but of Windows of 10 Corporate. If even more accurate, then of those versions of corporate editing that they will receive updating from Long Term Servicing Branch.

Such systems during 10 years will receive only updates of safety and correction for critical disrepairs (through WSUS), remaining without new functions or any other serious innovations and changes. But as Edge (Spartan) will be updated and to get by new functions on constant base, it in such system not place. Place Edge will take old-kind Internet Explorer 11, which will not be updated at all.