The build 10240 of Windows 10 was sent to insiders

This assembling received number 10240 and it extends only through the Centre of updating Windows. Actually “insider” today RTM-version Windows 10 will be received, but until July 29 for it updating will daily be issued, both through Windows Shop, and through the Centre of updating Windows.
Among the main improvements of this system version increased output browser Microsoft Edge is noted, which bypasses easily Chrome and Safari in their own javascript.
It is specified that full-range annex OneNote in Windows 10 will be preinstalled as well his all functions will be accessible free of charge. With Word, Excel and PowerPoint Mobile all is a little more difficult: examination and base editing of documents in non-commercial objectives will be free on devices with screens by the diagonal up to 10,1 inch, for use of “advanced” editing tools, in commercial objectives and on computers and tablets with greater screen diagonal it is necessary to acquire subscription on Office 365.