Windows 10 is the latest of all Windows

The giant Microsoft will not issue new versions Windows. If you does not like Windows 10, believe that you was not lucky.
windows 10 final
As Jerry Nikson, representative Microsoft informed, the corporation is going to change practically all that it relates to Windows, including practice of issue of new versions. Instead of this Redmond it is going to proceed to continuous process of updating with periodicity approximately two times a month, as well as to change one’s approach to a new releases.

Nixon declared at a conference Ignite 2015 to Chicago that Windows 10 “is the last version Windows, and now we always will work above Windows 10”.

In other words, the main priority for Microsoft will become large updates of operating system. And title will change at the same time. Instead of Windows X (where X it is number), new system will be named simply Windows.

In fact, statement that Windows 10 will become the last version Windows – it only a part of the true. Actually, instead of rare releases Microsoft will frequently issue large updates. Earlier, according to artful plan, each three years new version emerged. Now each two months small updating will emerge.

That particularly it important, updates of safety and functional part will fall to the users at once in accordance with readiness.
Due to it users will have to not wait for three years, in order to take advantage of new opportunities.

Though that it is good for consumers, can be badly for managers on marketing. It is possible that in this minute these managers Microsoft tear hair on the head and strew by her ashes.

Especially it is necessary to emphasise that all devices will work under Windows – and PS, and notebooks, and telephones, and tablets, and points of virtual reality. Windows will become the nucleus of any device. Of course, with the exception of those which work under the control of Android, Linux and operating system from Apple.