Windows 10 Version 2004: The Next Major Update Is To Be Released In 2020

Windows 10 Version 2004

Having recently published the update package of November 2019 for Windows 10, Microsoft is preparing the next version of the OS for the users. According to the company representatives, the preparations of the next update under the code name “20H1” are nearing completion. At the same time, Microsoft is also working on the 20H2 version for testers.

Microsoft is yet to make an official announcement of the public name of the Version 2004 of Windows 10. If they keep adhering to the current naming system, the update may be named after the month of its launch. For example, it may be released as the April/May 2020 Update or under a similar name. But this version is to retain the number 2004.

Speaking of Version 1909 of Windows 10, the initial pair of digits indicate the year of its release, while the last two digits stand for the month when the update was scheduled for completion. In order to prevent any confusion with Windows Server 2003, Microsoft opted for the name “Version 2004” for the Windows 10 20H1 package.

According to previous leaks, the signing of the RTM is expected to take place in December. The distribution of the update to consumers will begin in early 2020, quite possibly in the period before May.

What will Version 2004 of Windows 10 bring us?

The Windows 10 version code-named 20H1 is a large package that brings along new features for Windows Task Manager, as well as Windows Search; a completely new Cortana experience, improved bandwidth control tools for Windows Update, and more.

Version 2004 of Windows 10 bring us

Microsoft is also working on a range of improvements for the additional updates. Now, there’s no need to resort to the Device Manager when it’s necessary to update the drivers of a specific piece of hardware, such as the storage unit or the GPU. All driver updates will be accessible in Windows Update.