Old “Start” for Windows 10

After launch Windows 8 impetuous colours programs blossomed offering to the users to return a customary menu Start-up to system. In Windows 10 menu Start-up are, but will be always found dissatisfied by his design, just them program Start10 is offered to attention.


To the users Start10 accessibly classical, well familiar on Windows 7, execution is menu Start-up. Program supports search on files, set-up and annexes , allows to control meal of the computer and to start annexes installed from Windows Shop.

For menu possibly use that to set enters by default somewhat “styles”, to edit necessary or it is possible to create new from zero in built-in editor. Moreover Start10 supports the installation of arbitrary display for button Start-up.

In set-up of the program the user can change behaviour menu, to choose what labels they will be shown in his right part. Start10 is one of the main advantages opportunity of parallel use of the program in the vapour with system menu. For example, Start10 you can cause through mouse, and a standard menu Start-up – depression of keyboard buttons. This mode as well rather flexibly is set up.

Probably the biggest program deficiency can be considered a paid model of dissemination – licence stands 4,99 US dollars. Start10 in business is possible evaluate just before purchase, due to full-range test version. At present program carries beta-status, it at testing should be taken into account.